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Upcoming Events in the Diocese of Duluth:

Bishop Daniel Felton will visit our deanery in Hibbing June 23rd.

Mass 5:30 PM Blessed Sacrament Parish Hibbing, MN

Reception to follow.

Bishop-elect Felton

In his desire to begin to better know the diocese, Bishop Daniel will visit each of the 5 deaneries during the month of June. The closest to us will be on Wednesday June 23rd in Hibbing. More information to follow.

Please keep Bishop Daniel Felton in your prayers.



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Coming Soon From Real Life Catholic:


When 99% of our lives are spent in the ordinary, everyday routine of existence, who can we imitate to model everyday life? Joseph. But who was he, really?

Father, husband, protector, friend, terror of demons, worker and guide.

When you see your life in light of St. Joseph’s life, it reveals the deep meaning of passion, purpose and joy you’re supposed to have and what makes up most of your experience of life. 

Join us for an eight-part personal development program on St. Joseph, coming soon!

This program isn’t just about St. Joseph. It’s about YOU. It's about you finding more God, more joy, more purpose in your everyday life, just like Joseph!


37 - Episodes

Cost $37